Donnerstag, 28. März 2013

With music we build bridges

PowerSoundProduction was travelling to Ghana and back to Switzerland.  With it‘s research we formed a theater together with „zäme läbe freiamt“. We call it “with music we build brigdes“.

We meet every second Tuesday since October 2012 with various migrant of the region. We formed up Unity songs, which gave ideas to all participants to create their own songs about unity. At the moment we got 6 to 7 songs in different languages and we are working on it.

PowerSoundProduction find it’s dynamic strength and energy, togetherness and harmony, creating rhythms towards all the songs. With music you don’t need language behind it. we are working in Harmony and it is wonderuful to see other cultures merging in one music.

Additional PowerSoundproduction provided a theatre about immigrant who arrived in Switzerland and had a lot of missunderstandings because of the language. We took the positiv side and made a nice story full of humor.

If you travel you may find yourself in thoses weared situations sometimes, when people don’t get what you want to say…or how can you let them understand you.

Your thoughts are still in your mothertongue and you just translate it to the other language...which mostly leads towards those missunderstandings.

Sometimes you can laugh and sometimes you don’t realize it for many months untill you come across it again. By then you understand the other culture better with it’s language. You go back and laugh again.

That is the idea PowerSoundProduction got to bring this festival up. It doesn‘t matter which language you speak, we can always missunderstand and understand eachother.

For us to make it in the positiv way, we put all into a commedy.

Come and watch it on our Festival on 15th June in Muri (AG) switzerland and it maybe reminds you of some of your mistakes which you are laughing about it til now.

At the moment we are looking for artists, who have interest in dance, music and theatre. To join us on 4th, 25th, 26th May and 8th,9th June in the aula Muri, Marktstrasse 5630 Muri and on the main rehearsal on 14th June.

The performance will be on 15th June on the festival.

Come and meet profession dance teachers and musicians, who will lead you to strengthen your talent and make you to perform in a show.

The teachers are Mike Larbi, Awa Dietemann and John Kofi Donkor.

It is free of charge – we are even paying your petrol and if you are arriving with a train we pay half of travellling costs. Food and drink will be provided. Come and realise your golden voice and your skills of movement and dance and your touch on the percussions. you can Register yourself till end of April 2013.

We are looking forward to meet you.

+41 41 788 05 77