Dienstag, 1. August 2017

angel patience

Our new book, printed this year July by Paramon Verlag, Switzerland.

The story is all about patience. The characters are traditional drums from Ghana: the Ewe drum set with percussions: Adzimevu, Sogo, Boba, Esevu, Kidi, Kagan, Gakogvi and Aya.
This family is called Drum and lives in a village called patience. The love and patience they have for the people got them a lot of friends. They became famous, because of their names. Often they go to shopping and meet families and have a chat about daily life activities. As you know children like to get a lot of gifts, like toys, the main character Kagan got and demanded always a lot of toys. He always wants to get more, although he has a lot of them already. This behaviour made him to loose a lot of friends. Many families don’t want their children to visit Kagan anymore, because of his behaviour of demanding.
But one day things changed. He had a dream about an angel, who was called Patience. In his dream he was asking the angel:“ Why are you called Patience? Is it the patience like our village name?“ and the angel replied: „ yes excactly!“

 The angel was speaking to Kagan about the meaning of its name and described what you can gain from this name. You can get more than you ever wished, you can get friends and you can get happiness.

This leads me to my motto: „music brings energy, energy brings happiness!“
Buy one and enjoy this story, together with your children or grandchildren.
You can order the book directly through our website email (contact) or in various shops and online. 

This is where you can get or order the book:
Thalia Holding GmbH
Orell Füssli
And in the National Libry of Germany Frankfurt available.

This is the German version (Engelsgeduld) and the Englisch one is coming soon. We will keep you informed.

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